We supply both high-end products suited to speciality disciplines as well as entry level products at extremely reasonable rates and are able to service both the Capex and pharmaceutical requirements of our clients in terms of both variety and cost. Included in our range are both re-usable and disposable products sourced from trusted brands in the medical industry.

Retractor Systems and Holding Arms

We market an extensive range of quality retractor systems such as the Lobster (Omni type), the Bookler (Bookwalter type), Nathanson Retractor, Thompson type and Davida (Greenburg type). We also supply the Mini Bookler Retractor System, which is ideal for small site surgery such as Paediatric Surgery, Urology procedures, Carotid procedures, Hernia repair etc. We also have an excellent range of various holding arms for scopes, fan retractors, endoscopic liver retractors and others.

Diathermy Products

Believing that quality cannot be compromised when it comes to instruments for electrosurgery, we distribute the premium range of Bipolar and Monopolar instruments from Bissinger of Germany. This includes products such as the well-known “Claris” non-stick orange bipolar forceps, bipolar scissors, bipolar laparoscopic instruments and diathermy cables.

CSSD Products

We are pleased to offer a high quality range of sterilisation baskets with steel perforated sides. These are becoming the basket of choice in many hospitals due to their high quality durable nature and the extensive range of sizes available. We also distribute aluminium sterilisation containers, instrument brushes, instrument marking tape, silicon mats and other products.


We supply a number of orthopaedic lines, including plating sets, orthopaedic wires ( Kirschner Wires, Charnley Wire, Gigli Saws, Steinman Pins, Denham Pins, Rocky Mountain Wire), an extensive range of power tools, and other orthopaedic instrumentation. We are also able to supply a range of cutting blades for all types of handpieces. We have partnered with Zimmer Orthopaedics in the distribution of various products such as the ATS3000 Tourniquet System.

Zimmer Orthopaedics

In distributing the range of Zimmer surgical items, we know that we have truly premium product to place into the hands of our customers. The Zimmer ATS 4000 Dual Tourniquet System has been very well received into the South African market and combines the latest technology in an electronic system (with 4 hours battery back up!).  It is also marketed at a very reasonable price that does minimal damage to your budget. Other items are the tried and tested Zimmer Dermatome and Meshgraft Expander. For further information on orthopaedic products, contact us for details on the range of high quality Zimmer Orthopaedic drills and attachments.



Labotect is a German company that specialises in equipment for assisted reproduction. With a world class team of engineers and a support team of embryologists and doctors, Labotect produces innovative, reliable capital and disposable equipment that is characterised by medical quality – all equipment is CE marked in compliance with the European Medical Device directive.

Labotect products are manufactured, sold and serviced in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 46001/ 13485 standards. Acroteq is delighted to be Labotect’s agent in Southern Africa.


Surgical Instruments

Because surgical Instrumentation is a broad and complicated field, it is important to partner with a company with the necessary expertise and commitment to successfully see the process through. Acroteq has the range of product, quality, as well as the personal involvement to meet your needs. Our range includes the high quality premium BOSS brand for speciality disciplines such as Neuro Surgery, Cardio / Vascular surgery, Opthalmics, Plastic Surgery, and ENT Surgery. Further, we offer the well known Nopa instrument from Germany for the majority of surgical instrument requirements. We also have a range of Endoscopic instrumentation that includes hand held instruments – graspers, dissectors, scissors, suction/irrigation systems, fan retractors etc. We also have a range of holding arms that can accommodate Nathanson Hooks, Scopes, instruments and Liver retractors.

Disposable Products

We market single use products in the following categories:


Kirschner Wires, Steinman Pins, Denham Pins, Charnley/ Bone wire, Rocky Mountain Wire, Plates and Screws, Gigli Saws, Drill Bits, Saw Blades and the Zimmer blood re-infusion System.

Laparoscopic Surgery

Insufflation Tubing, Suction Irrigation, Veress needles, Suture Grasper.

Plastic Surgery

Zimmer Dermatome blades and Zimmer Dermacarriers.


Seals, labels and filters (for containers), Instrument Marking Tape and Cleaning Brushes.


Brands we distribute: